I have heard and read that one of the hardest things I will have to endure is to spend and try to celebrate the “firsts” without Janine. The “first” Christmas, the “first” New Year’s, the “first” birthday, the “first” special meal in our favourite restaurant.

For me, as tough as those days may have been and may still be, these are some of the “firsts” which, although have brought me such joy, have been the toughest. These are the moments where I have felt my beautiful bride’s absence the most:

The day Amy-Leigh rode her bike without training wheels for the “first” time. Gabby and Becky’s “first” training show in a horse jumping arena. The “first” time Gabby won a 100m sprint in the inter-house athletics competition. The “first” time Becky read the first seven pages of her story that she has started writing. The “first” time I finished a 70km mountain bike race without my stunning wife’s warm and comforting embrace to greet me at the end.

But today, I am aching for you and missing you like crazy. Happy Anniversary my darling. Another “first”. So far, probably the hardest “first” of all.

You were most certainly the “fairest of them all”, my beautiful queen. How blessed I was that day 18 years ago.

My beautiful bride_1

My beautiful bride_2

2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Happy anniversary. She looked stunning on her wedding day. I remember watching your wedding video and how happy she was pointing everyone out and gushing about what an amazing day that was. I wish I could have shared it with you guys. To her, I think it was the best day of her life, apart from being saved.


  2. Thank you Sean for those beautiful words. She did make a stunning bride and you were such a handsome groom. We love you so much and ache with you. My most favourite part of that day was watching you both looking at each other with such perfect love in your eyes as the photographer was trying to get you to pose in certain ways around that picturesque dam. You were in no hurry…you just took your time and enjoyed your bride. Happy Anniversary our darlings.


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