6 months goes by

It has been 6 months, and I still wake up after a dream to remember that you are no longer here. My darling, how I miss you so. You were my everything, and I still don’t know how / don’t want to live life without you. I want you back on earth, but I know that this will never be. I know that you are in the best possible place, and that our Lord has His best in glory with Him – you.

Gabby, Becky and Amy-Leigh are doing so well, but miss you more than you would’ve imagined if you were here. They really need you, and so do I. They are so strong and loving and kind, I am such a blessed dad. You were their ultimate example of a loving God. You were the mommy of all mommies.

Not a single day goes by without a memory, a fragrance, a smile, a laugh of yours. You are everywhere – in my thoughts, on my computer, in my car, on my radio, in the girls…   . I saw a picture of you the other night in a beautiful purple dress (with a younger Gabby, Becky, Ethan and Joel), and oh my hat you looked stunning. I just want to give you a big kiss and a hug and a squeeze, just one last one. I long to hear your voice one last time, or that cheeky little giggle. I want to go for a run in the forest with you, or talk about our God together over a cup of coffee and a rusk on a Saturday morning.

Thank you for your life, your unending, unconditional love for your precious princesses and I. You were / are the perfect picture of what Christ would look like on earth.

How I long to see you again. I am lost without you.

I love you  – your man forever