How to be a single working dad

Who knows, I’m clueless. Raising three beautiful girls as a single dad is not for sissies. When Janine was around, life was easy. Everything was done when I got home from work – girls bathed, food cooked, homework done, everyday book signed etc, etc, etc. I didn’t even know what an everyday book was. Now I do!!! I realise now that I don’t think I was the most participative dad. I’ll tell you something, if you are married with children and have a job, cherish every moment with each precious person in your family – be involved. My beautiful bride was the perfect mommy and wife. At the moment I am lost without her, scrambling as a dad who has realized he has serious shortcomings that need to be worked on urgently. After all, I have three extremely unique, talented, stunning blue eyed princesses who miss their mom and are looking to me for all/most the answers – no pressure. 

I now have a glorious opportunity to have a serious influence in my girls lives.

Lord please help me on my new journey.

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